Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Christmas celebration, 2012

FiberVoices had our traditional Christmas meeting at Nancy's house, where we all enjoyed a fine lunch (her Rum Cake was only one of several delicious dishes) and great comradery.  Nancy had decorated her house and tree with many of her own exquisite hand-crafted ornaments, as well as many that her mother had created.  It was a treat to see and admire them.  We enjoyed "show and tell" as well as a small-gift exchange.  It was lovely to have a totally non-business meeting.  After lunch we adjourned to Nancy's back patio to watch the deer and sip a little Spumante.

Nancy, Susan, Linda,and Mary Ann
Connie and Mary Ann
This is a finely beaded ornament that Nancy had made;
there were many more ... tiny, embroidered, cross-stitched ... and even some
gorgeous temari balls!  (Thanks, Connie, for getting a good shot of this one.)
These beautiful young does came up very close to the back porch.
What a beautiful ending to our FiberVoices get-together.

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