Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Art in Fiber, 2013

Gerald and Debbie Tobola have done it again ... created their annual fiber-art show at their Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas.  The artworks, all submitted by Texas fiber artists, were juried into the show by none other than Karey Bresenhan, Founder and President of Quilts, Inc.  Here are a few pictures from the opening and the following day's brunch. 

Debbie & Gerald Tobola ... true friends of the artist.
Susan Fletcher King and Mary Ann Littlejohn in the front,
Connie Fahrion and Linda Teddlie Minton in the back.

A fabulous Artist's Brunch was held for us by Angela Allen and Julie Maffei, art patrons and supporters of Texas artists, who just happen to be sisters.  It was held at the beautiful old Menke House at Festival Hill. I understand that Menke House is available for weddings and receptions, and if I ever wanted another wedding, that's where I'd have it!

Menke House
The gorgeous meal was served up by a very impressive chef whose name I neglected to write down.  He was roundly applauded for the outstanding brunch he served, which included the tenderest brisket I've ever tasted, an exquisite smoky smoked salmon, and hand-churned ice cream.

Le Chef made a brief appearance after our appetites had been sated ...
this was a very long-distance photo from the back of the room,
sorry for the blurriness!
Some of the artists lined up before the grand staircase.  Gerald and Debbie Tobola are on the stairs,
and Julie Maffei is on the far right in the colorful jacket.
Gerald and Debbie giving a brief thank-you to Angela Allen (center)
and her sister, Julie Maffei (who had just stepped out of frame!)
We would like to add our thanks to these two generous women of the arts.
There's Julie!  Laughing as usual, and
so, of course, is blurry in the picture.
Thanks again, Julie and Angela!