Friday, March 11, 2011

Gossip Challenge

Connie Fahrion started this challenge based on the old game "gossip" or "telephone". She chose a photograph she took while on a winter-time retreat at the childhood home of Liz Broussard in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.  Bayou Teche, runs along the back of the property. The size she chose was 6” x 18” landscape orientation
Connie-Bayou Teche
Bayou Teche

After her initial interpretation, she passed her quilt to the next person in the rotation through the group.  Each person only saw the piece immediately before her and did an interpretation on it. 

Connie Fahrion

I decided to work with squares and rectangles to flesh out tree trunks and leaves using silk fabrics on a cotton Ikat-like fabric.  I based my composition on another one I created of the same scene worked with dyed and painted coffee filters and thread trash.
Liz Broussard

Because I was so enamored with Connie's piece, it was difficult for me to not duplicate it!
I went with a literal translation of a stark, dreary winter's day on the bayou.  Several layers of chiffon and netting were burned to create barren trees and blowing leaves.
Thinking  of Fall Susan 029
Susan King, “Thinking of Fall”

I had a vague impression of swampish trees and leaves and perhaps cool temperatures from looking at Liz Broussard's piece.  Liz was also very specific in pointing out the one or two spots of red that she put in her piece.  Based on that, I interpreted my piece with red autumn leaves pushed directionally in a cool wind.
Nancy Dickey, “Autumn Melody”

I wanted to capture the "feel" of Thinking of Fall so I based my design on Susan's mottled tan background, her top left to bottom right sweeping movement, and her red (leaves) color. Her addition of tiny gold beads added detail so I quilted in the small areas of my checkered background. I interpreted Susan's thin wispy twig branches by couching Razzle Dazzle for my long delicate wind currents.
Mary Ann Littlejohn, "Morning Song"

When  I saw Nancy's work, I felt the melody flowing across the piece and associated it with written music and the treble clef.

Linda Teddlie Minton "Summer Wind"

Mary Ann's musical theme brought to mind some old children's illustrations of Wind.  I picked out her baby-pinks and blues to repeat in my piece.  This was a challenging piece for me, because of the unusual size and shape, but I loved the results from the whole group.

Cheryl Johnson

Linda's was so wonderful I almost had too many ideas.  I didn't know the title at the time but I wanted to carry over movement and some of the color she created in her piece.  I asked myself what could move around on the wind and came up with the bubbles.   After all who doesn't love seeing what shape and color their bubble will come out.