Friday, August 12, 2011

Round Birthday "Postcards"

Each year FiberVoices members exchange fabric postcards for our birthdays. Last year Connie distributed a round version (non-postal) with grommets on the top and bottom that allow each one received to be attached to the next one and be hung on the wall. So this year I thought I would do the same. I wanted to try the technique of layering fabrics, sewing a line drawing through all the layers, and then cutting away the top layers to reveal the colors underneath. Then I added some hand embroidery for details. I drew different motifs so each of the six of us would have an individual design.


susan fletcher king said...

Speaking as one of the recipients, I can certainly testify to the fact that these are truly unique and beautiful.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

I was amazed at the number of layers in these tiny treasures ... I counted at least 5 separate layers of fabric, painstakingly and intricately cut away to reveal themselves. Nancy continues to come up with remarkable and beautiful new takes on quilt art. Thank you for my butterfly, Nancy!

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

These are treasures.