Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Beginnings

When FiberVoices was created two years ago, we decided to create a joint project to challenge each of our abilities working in fiber and launch our new group.  We selected a copy-right free photo and divided it into 6 segments, each member working on a different segment.  The idea was to see if we could work to group- established guidelines, and cement individual construction methods and techniques into a cohesive whole.  Working with a combination of raw-edge, hand and machine appliqué, we also incorporated piecing, weaving, painting and dye work into the mix.  We feel we fulfilled our goals for this project, and we are already at work on a larger challenge aiming for completion in 2011.

Each square section is 24” x 24”.  Each quilt was mounted and wrapped on gallery-stretched canvas.

Mary Ann 
Nancy B.
Susan Fletcher
guest artist 
Cheryl Johnson
Linda Teddlie Minton

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